What Emilee's client are saying

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I attended a class with Emilee on Saturday. She was very helpful in teaching me techniques on building up my pelvic floor without causing damage. I was able to feel the difference in the methods she used. Thank you Emilee! 
Linda Kolouch

I have been attending Emilee’s yoga classes for 13 years. It all started when I had a hiking accident on Cold Springs trail. I hurt both of my knees and became very stiff. I thought I would try yoga to help ease the stiffness and improve my flexibility. In my quest to find a class that fit for me, I tried several different teachers and studios but they did not hold my interest. I love Emilee’s class because it is always different. No two classes are alike. It is also exercise, not filled with “new age” like chatter. Emilee frequently asks what the group wants to work on that day and creates a class accordingly. Over the years I have experienced and benefited from her constant quest for learning more about the human body and exercise. Emilee incorporates what she learns from workshops, trainings and master classes into our yoga class, we tease that it is more like Yoga/Pilates/Core Class. I am very grateful for all that Emilee has taught me about the importance of balance, alignment, flexibility and strength. I am involved with other exercise classes/programs as well and know that my motivation and enjoyment of exercise began with Emilee’s yoga class.

Jeri Waite


Whatever Emilee Garfield does is magic.
I have been wrestling with both osteopenia and scoliosis and Emilee has worked her magic on me for the past year.
I feel stronger, more energetic and more in control of my body than ever before.
But watch out because working out with her is so much fun and does so much good that itcan become an addiction!
Susan Shand
Creative Director/ Co- Owner
The Shand Group

I am blessed to know Emilee Garfield. She has been an inspirational patient in so many ways. She has demonstrated courage, optimism, and humor during bleak times. Her grit and flexibility directed her through a true storm of life.  This determination and bravery motivates all her providers and will continue to push anyone she meets to a better self.  Emilee gives hope with her motivation, perseverance, and dedication to living a healthy lifestyle despite tremendous adversity. Thank you for reminding me to NEVER QUIT!
Alex Rogers, MD

I released my fear and carefully listened to Emilee's patient and thorough instruction. I learned how to truly connect to my body and be in the present moment.  I've become a stronger confident woman.  Thank you Emilee for changing my life and empowering me to know I can do more!
Linda Robyn

Emilee is a knowledgeable, empathetic and fun motivator. She encourages me to focus on my goals.

Emilee puts heart and soul into teaching accessible, thoughtfully tailored Pilates courses for all levels. Her devotion to clients has an immediate effect on body and mind. I walked away from our session feeling focused, strengthened and just plain happy.

Lucas Hunt
Just took Emilie's Core Recovery class and wanted to share what a fun, super informative class this is. I learned so much about my pelvic floor and what an important part of the body this is to a truly, healthy core.  We all hear about the "core", but learning about the different body parts that are all connected to creating a solid core is really helpful.
I strongly encourage anyone who cares about having a strong body and being the best you can be to attend. Emilee is knowledgeable, funny and has a unique way of instructing the class to make it fun, but also an amazing workout.
I want to quit my job and just takes classes with Emilee!
Thank you for the incredible Pilates-based core instruction.  After having two c-sections & a major hernia repair surgery, I'm always nervous about doing abdominal & core work. Usually I feel strain when I use my abs in a workout. Your incredible technique not only did not cause me pain, but also really gave me a great stretch & gave me a great strengthening workout!  I loved how you kept encouraging me to slightly tilt and pull my muscles up & back!  
Thank you so much!


I have been a client of Emilee’s for two years now, and I always look forward to our sessions. She’s bright, positive, knowledgable, and – although she looks fantastic -- she’s had some serious health issues to overcome which makes her more “human” and very understanding.  I come with a lot of baggage: scoliosis, asthma, and serious prior abdominal surgery……and I’m seventy years old! Emilee gives me a great work out without ever hurting me. My posture has improved tremendously and I’m so much stronger than I used to be.
Trust me – Emilee Garfield is tops in pilates and yoga, no matter how old you are or what physical problems you may be living with!
Joan Easton Lentz
Naturalist and Author


Emilee Garfield is Santa Barbara best kept secret, until now. She has just moved her business from an intimate studio behind her home, to the brand new facilities at The Training Room on Cesar Chavez.
She's been teaching yoga and pilates to a devoted clientele for the last fourteen or so years. I was lucky enough to find her six years ago. I sought her out after debilitating back pain landed me in the doctor's office. I had seen many chiropractors. I had never done yoga or pilates before. I am now pain free.

Emilee is patient, fun to work with and has the expert eye of an eagle for correct positioning. She never pushes you further then is reasonable. She does expect you to work and work smart.

If you have physical problems that can be helped with exercise, this is where you should go. If you just want an excellent exercise program with a great instructor, this is also where you should go.

Gwen Dandridge

Emilee's hero's journey is the greatest inspiration and an epic example of the capabilities of the human spirit, mind, and body. From her own healing journey, Emilee has shown us all how to fully reclaim life.  She embodies and inspires empowerment with such grace, power, ease and joy that all who have the opportunity to work with her can't help to feel on every level what it's like to live fully and in our power.  In decades of working with many of the most successful people on the planet, I have personally never been more inspired to know how great, fun and joyful life can be and to believe in myself than when I'm working with Emilee. Just being around her can make even the most challenging goals fun and easy to achieve.
Shaman Jon Rasmussen

Emilee is a deeply caring sensitive intuitive teacher & coach. She has great knowledge of the body, energy and works very successfully with all people.
Her cheerful nature and positive spirit inspired & delights all those who know her.