New Life. New Story. New Me.

When I was diagnosed with cancer again last year, I never thought I would say this. But here it goes…
Cancer saved my life.
I know that sounds unbelievable, but it’s true.
As I begin this new chapter in my life story I’m determined to empower other women with cancer know that they can choose to live. Never give in to cancer. It can awaken you, like it did me, so you can realize how special and how loved and needed you are.
Cancer taught me resilience. It taught me to seek true friendship. True unconditional love. And I gave myself more love than I ever have.
You’re going to have bad days when you have to fake it to make it. When you stop believing that you can conquer your fear of dying and truly live.
I think I surprised a lot of people when I got through my pilates and yoga classes with a colostomy bag, aka “poop” bag, hanging from my waist. I didn’t have a choice but to work. And I showed up. Every day. No matter what. I surprised myself. And I still do everyday.
I never thought of myself as an author, but now I’m writing a book. I never thought of myself as a coach, but now I am.
I once thought of myself as a survivor, but now I see myself as a thriver.
Even if I can only persuade one person to get off the couch, out of their funk, out of the hole they’re hiding in, I’ll know I’ve truly lived.
Wherever you are in your life, you can make a difference, you can surprise others (in good ways) and respect and love yourself.
Before you put yourself down,
please consider everything you've accomplished to get to this point,
every life you've touched, and
every moment you've pushed
beyond your fears. You are a champion. You are a fighter. You are worthy of nothing less than the deepest love you have to share. You are an inspiration.
~ Scott Stabile
I love this quote because it arrived in my email at exactly the right moment. When I felt like I wanted to give up.
I hope my words have arrived at the right time for you too. I want to be here to lift your spirits when you feel alone and tired of fighting.
My new website is now LIVE! You can connect with me no matter where you are and get a healthy dose of encouragement when you need it the most. I’ll have many easy 3 minute workout videos, inspiring blog posts, funny stories and, soon, books to share!
Never give up on yourself. You can and will THRIVE.
With all my love,