Welcome to EM❤power Wellness at the Loft.

We believe that beauty is anything but pain.
That sweating our prayers keeps us grounded as we reach for the stars. And, that miracles happen with each breath when we choose to see them. The Loft is an intimate and bright space that invites moments of “relaxed” enlightenment. We love to laugh and not take ourselves too seriously.

We want you to feel the zen when you walk through the door.
And so at home that you can just be yourself.

Workshops and teacher training coming soon!


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Emilee's Yoga Class mixes strength and flexibility while focusing on form and injury prevention.  Her warm personality, attention to detail, easy to follow cueing and playful spirit, make a person feel challenged yet successful while in her class. Emilee uses her years of training in the Iyengar Method with a combination of the Pilates Method to create a perfect fusion of yoga, Pilates and core class.

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Pain free results

Emilee has been teaching yoga and pilates to a devoted clientele for the last fourteen or so years. I was lucky enough to find her six years ago. I sought her out after debilitating back pain landed me in the doctor's office. I had seen many chiropractors. I had never done yoga or pilates before. I am now pain free.

Emilee is patient, fun to work with and has the expert eye of an eagle for correct positioning. She never pushes you further then is reasonable. She does expect you to work and work smart.

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The Joseph Pilates exercise system emphasizes concentration and control with the integration of flexibility, strength, precision, breath, flow of movement, and awareness between the body and the mind. Originally called "Contrology," his method involves the use of specific exercises performed on their own and in conjunction with specially designed apparatus and equipment. Every individual receives a program within the system of exercises that is tailored to his or her needs and fitness level. It is one of the only exercise systems that work from the inside out and strengthens what Pilates called the "powerhouse." Read more...